Drive massive traffic to your Fiverr gigs using Pinterest+Tailwind

in this article, I will share one of the best ways to promote my Fiverr gigs using the most powerful search engine (Pinterest) and Tailwind.

I was amazed by how easy to drive traffic to my gigs with free traffic and got my first order after 3 days of implementing the method that I’m about to share.


Since Fiverr has too many freelancers (kinda saturated) it is a bit hard to get orders relying only on Fiver’s SEO without promoting your gigs on social media. and most of the time social media fails you!

so I thought to give Pinterest a try!

here is how I succeed promoting my gig on Pinterest using Tailwind

First… I designed a long pin with BOLD TITLE and images that demonstrates the final result of my service (Photo Retouch) and before publishing the pin, I did these …

second… I made my board and named it Photo Retouch. The next step was the board description, this step is very important! it only requires about 5 min to make research and type an SEO friendly description for your board to allow potential buyers to discover your services.

Then saved 30 pins and followed 30 accounts of the same niche.

I did all that before I publish my pin.

Third… finally I shared my own pin in the board and typed a short description in my pin explaining my service on Fiver then filled the pin with as many relevant tags as I can get


and the final step where my gig exploded in a single day I got so many impressions and clicks, then my first order after 3 days!

using Pinterest and Tailwind tripes to collaborate with others who in the same or similar niche.

How Tailwind Works?

Tailwind is an app for marketing your Pinterest and Instagram (our focus is Pinterest for now).

it is basically a platform for collaborative Pinterest users who strive to reach a new audience (your audience) and in return, you get to reach their audience as well.

Tailwind allows you to schedule fellow Pinterest users to share on your Pinterest board and for every scheduled pin, you get your pin scheduled for share. Join Tailwind and follow the step by step tutorial.

use this easy as a to-do list before you start marketing for your gig:

  • Make a board
  • write board description.
  • Share 30 likeminded pins.
  • Follow 30 likeminded accounts.
  • make your free trial account in Tailwind
  • Share your pin with the like-minded tribe.
  • watch your gig exploding


until the moment I wrote this article, I’m using the free trial account. But with the result I got, I will definitely upgrade to their plus account.

I just want you to know that you can take advantage of the free trial to drive traffic to your gig and the first finished order on Fiverr is crucial to kick your SEO ranking on Fiverr and earn the algorithm’s trust.

After that, it’s up to you to invest in getting continuous exposure for your gigs.

I have made tribe for Fiverr sellers only for even bigger exposure. Join the tribe now.

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